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What are you grateful for?

VertigoIt seems appropriate to start the New Year of 2015 with gratitude and aspirations for the year. I am grateful for the lessons that my patients continue to teach me. The latest occurrence happened on Christmas Eve when I received a message from a mom desperate to find help for her daughter who had acute severe Vertigo. For those of you who have never had Vertigo, my patients tell me it is not something that you don’t want to “wait out” as physicians often suggest; I think largely because they are unaware that there IS help out there. I have successfully treated scores of patients with Vertigo using CranioSacral Therapy. This is an Osteopathic modality developed by Dr. Sutherland in the 1930s and taught in Osteopathic Colleges since the 1940s. Although the Epley Maneuver is often and more traditionally used for treatment of BPPV or benign paroximal positional vertigo, it reproduces patients’ symptoms, which in my experience, patients will do anything to avoid. I saw this patient back for her 3rd visit on New Year’s Eve. She said she was “wonderful” and had been DANCING with her daughter!!

I also used CranioSacral Therapy to treat a gal that had had a concussion in June, 6 months prior to seeing me. She had been treated previously for neck and back pain but was still having issues with her head: pressure, light and sound sensitivity and feelings of dizziness. After 1 treatment she said she felt less anxious and reported she felt “like the old me”.

I am grateful for these patient reminders of the power of gentle treatments like CranioSacral Therapy. There are many people who suffer from issues that are not so easy to measure like decreased movement or strength. How do we quantify dizziness or light sensitivity? And yet these patients also need to be treated. I find that many of these patients with Vertigo have a forward head posture or prior dental work with prolonged jaw opening. Often the muscles attaching to the ear, where the semi-circular canals are housed, become tight. There is value in gently releasing fascial restrictions at the base of the ear or within the skull itself through the CranioSacral work, and I am grateful for the reminder.

Mary Boyd, MS, PT is the owner of Mountain View Physical Therapy and a member of the Sandpoint Wellness Council. She can be reached at 290-5575 for questions.

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