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Be Well and Thrive with Whole Foods

13.PStreet.NW.WDC.6October2013Last week I made a comment about how clean food “smelled” like food and engaged our senses to want to eat it. It got me thinking about our lost senses for real food. We have become a generation of soda drinkers, chips and dip eaters, fast food indulgers, and pre-prepared, processed, and false food ingesters. We have fallen away from our evolutionary pathway of living off the land and thriving on whole foods.

But you say, “Times have changed.” Yes, they have, but in the evolutionary pattern of human existence, our bodies have not evolved as rapidly as science and engineering technologies have. The brain is an advanced part of ourselves having developed to accomplish tremendous growth and abilities. A large part of this growth has come from ingesting more proteins than other species. Evolution has brought us forward to experience incredible feats, yet we human beings suffer devastating illnesses leading us to sometimes early death.

The question becomes: what stands in the way of understanding, recognition, motivation to shift when we need to, and learning from each other what will make important differences in our health?

Loss of integrity in providing healthy food sources is one of the major challenges in our struggle for optimal health. The winners in the survival of the species are those who recognize the importance of changing and adapting with the times.

It is easy to become discouraged when faced with poor results in one’s present health care protocols, feel confused about an effective and meaningful course of action, face indecision about what course of action to take, or learn how to change one’s habits or thoughts to bring about successful outcomes.

Current nutritional research abounds with the importance of providing human bodies with high quality vital nutrients so cells have the raw materials necessary for optimal functioning. This in turn enables all systems of the body to function efficiently maintaining good health and high energy.

Whole foods provide those vital raw materials. Naturally raised meat animals provide high quality proteins free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and undigestible bad fats.   Many troubling health conditions begin to subside or go away completely when the body utilizes such resources and does its job of healing itself and surviving well.

Our task must be to never give up seeking answers to our health concerns and to take steps toward health by making small changes that will bring about big results. Listen to the clues our bodies give us when we are not feeling our best. We must make friends with our bodies and know we were meant to thrive, not just survive. Our bodies will begin effective healing once it gets back on its evolutionary track of utilizing the amazing assets of the land: fresh wholesome great smelling and great tasting real food. Increase these foods and celebrate your decision to thrive.

Krystle Shapiro, LMT, MSHN, owns NewTritionally Yours! and Touchstone Massage Therapies. She offers nutrition education classes and medical massage therapies. She can be reached at (208) 290-6760.

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