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Boomers and Millenials: Changing Together

GenY Unfocus Group - KP Digital Health 47619Aging is a huge topic today. According to the Pew Research Center 26% of Americans are age 65 and 10,000 a day retire. , those aged between 18 and 36 represent 24% of US population. Advertising and businesses have begun the shift to cater more directly and effectively to these populations. Many Boomers are reluctant to retire as they are more fit and active than perhaps their parents, and for some, they still enjoy working.

Boomers and Millenials reaching milestone numbers within our population led me to begin thinking about how these two generations differ, but found oftentimes they mirror similar values: health, exercise, clean food, connection to nature, and positive reflection on one’s experiences insuring growth and happiness.

Both generations strive for not only positive self-recognition, but as well a desire to be a part of the whole reflected in their employment and community involvement.

Boomers reaching retirement face two major decisions: retire with finally free time to dive into long held desires to participate with organizations they admire, or to withdraw into boredom and doldrums of uncertainty about what to do with themselves and sudden free time. For these seniors reaching out, the benefits expand their lifestyles and new sense of creativity looms to be developed: a wonderful chance to explore long held interest yet unfulfilled.

Millenials, I believe, face the same decision. Often thought of as self-serving, this age group is extremely active in creating change, exploring options, and figuring out how to make a dent in perspective. One drawback may be that they appear to be “on the move” changing jobs often, yet gaining experience in that behavior. Boomers generally remain with their employment for many years before making a change.

While Boomers feel their work is pretty much complete in the making a difference in the work realm, often they bring experience and wisdom and plenty of time to their communities. Millenials, too, feel eager to become a strong force, to control their lives, to not follow expected routines but to recreate something new and much more fun.

Evolution begins to show its face again enabling growth through change both Boomers and Millenials are generating together. I feel so blessed to be a Boomer with a Millenial daughter. Our sharing enriches us both and deepens our appreciation for the richly embroidered continuum of life.

Krystle Shapiro, LMT, MSHN owns NewTritionally Yours! providing nutrition education classes. She can be reached at 208/290-6760.

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